Watch: Krunal Pandya shows sportsmanship after withdraws run-out appeal against KL Rahul


There are numerous reasons why the Indian Premier League (IPL) is unique and well-recognized around the world. It's no surprise that the most-watched T20 tournament attracts big-name buyers at auctions.

Several well-known athletes are currently representing their respective teams. The league with the most money is now more competitive. Batting, bowling, and fielding have all seen improvements as a result of the increased expectations placed on the players.

While individual or collective performances by players or teams grab the attention of the public, something else rarely goes unnoticed, namely the sportsmanship spirit.

Krunal Pandya may have won the hearts of the fans for the first time with his touching gesture. Krunal Pandya was in the news for all the wrong reasons for a long time.

When he becomes a little more agitated, he is caught on camera using foul language. As a result of this, he's gained a lot of detractors.

Krunal Pandya

Cricket is the real winner when such an opportunity arises in a high-stakes situation. The players who exhibit excellent sportsmanship are frequently lauded by the fans.

Few people, however, are aware of Krunal Pandya's positive attributes. After withdrawing his appeal to have KL Rahul dismissed, Krunal Pandya won the game's spirit.

Krunal Pandya bowled Chris Gayle a yorker during the Mumbai Indians vs. Punjab Kings match. The ball was swung straight down the pitch by the Universal Boss.

In the end, it was KL Rahul who ricocheted the ball to Krunal Pandya. The MI player removed the bails with a single swift motion of his wrist. Krunal Pandya, it turns out, does not want this to be looked into.

In reality, he never even filed an appeal. When Krunal Pandya made his gesture known, cricket fans from all over the world applauded him. KL Rahul, on the other hand, was quick to praise Rohit Sharma.

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