"First you write good things on Twitter, and then I’ll give answers" - Hasan Ali


The right-hand pacer from Pakistan Hasan Ali has always been criticised by the fans on social media platforms. The fans started hating him more when he dropped the catch of Matthew Wade in the 2021 T20 World Cup, as he finished the match by smashing three consecutive sices off Shaheen Afridi.

The drop catch from Hasan Ali has cost them a lot and been kicked out of the knock stages by Australia. Once again, the Pakistan pacer has caught the spotlight for another controversial reason.

Hasan Ali was answering the media for the Pakistan Super League (PSL 2021) and caught up on a heated banter with the journalist. During the conversation, the right-arm pacer answered all the questions asked by the journalist except the one who he ignored during the press meet.

You shouldn’t be personal with anyone: Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali

The scenario took place on 12th December, Sunday as Hasan Ali continuously ignored the journalist's question by saying "Next question please" whenever the journalist tries to ask him. With the attitude shown by Hasan Ali, the journalist does not seem to be happy and addressed that "this is not a good behaviour."

After that, the 27-year-old said, "First you write good things on Twitter, and then I’ll give answers. Ok? You shouldn’t be personal with anyone. As PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) can’t stop you (from asking questions), at least we have the right." 

During the conversation, Hasan Ali lost his cool and caught up on a banter with the journalist named Anas Saeed. The journalist has criticised him earlier this year for not wearing a mask for the safety protocols ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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He posted that on his Twitter handle and wrote "Simply put, according to the protocol, it is necessary to wear a mask while traveling. Those who take it off may be fined."

However, Hasan Ali was quick enough to react to his tweet on Twitter and replied, "Don’t create drama please with old videos. Check your facts first. No need to give fake masala, expect better from u."