Watch: An unexpected earthquake took place during Ireland U19 and Zimbabwe U19 match


The second semi-final of the ICC Under 19 World Cup has been played between Ireland and Zimbabwe. After opting to bat, Zimbabwe posted a total of 166 runs with the help of Brian Bennett's 37, David Bennett's 35 and Steven Saul's 24.

The other batters didn't perform up to the reputation and have been bowled out for 166 runs. Muzamil Sherzad has been the top bowler in that game as he bagged 5 wickets for his team.

Following the chase, Ireland batters have performed well against the opposition bowlers and chased down the target comfortably with 8 wickets and 18 overs in hand. Jack Dickson and Tim Tector have led their side to run over the victory as they scored 78 and 76 runs respectively. 

An unexpected earthquake occurred during the match:

Zimbabwe U19 vs Ireland U19

During the match between Ireland and Zimbabwe, an unexpected earthquake occurred and one of the commentators said, "I believe we are having an earthquake mate… In the box, we are indeed we having an earthquake…," was quoted by Cricshots.

"A 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck near Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday morning. According to the UWI Seismic Research Centre, the quake occurred around 9:40 am at a depth of 10km," the source added. 

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Moreover, Andrew Leonard who was the commentator during the game has shared a few things about the earthquake to Cricbuzz and said, "It never felt like that the Media Centre would collapse or anything.

It was lack of control… that you were not able to control the shaking…, and no one knew when it was going to end. It seemed to be getting intense particularly in the middle. It was a tiny bit scary I guess."

"Sherzad, though, wasn’t the only thing that struck at the Queens Park Oval today, with a 5.1 magnitude earthquake shaking the ground mid-way through the Zimbabwe innings.

The commentary team, that featured Irishman Andrew Leonard, bravely continued commentating with good humour as an assessment was made of any potential damage to the historic ground that has stood on the site since 1896," the Ireland source added.

Watch the video here: