Varun Chakravarthy’s knees are not in the greatest condition, reveals BCCI source


According to a BCCI insider monitoring the injury care of the Tamil Nadu mystery spinner, Varun Chakravarthy's knees are not in the best shape. The Indian Team management would not have risked playing him if it weren't for the T20 World Cup, according to the source.

India's Varun Chakravarthy is seen as somewhat of an X-Factor in the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. For the Kolkata Knight Riders in the last two IPL seasons, he has excelled. In 26 games, he's taken 32 wickets. India's management is desperate to have Chakravarthy available against Pakistan on Sunday, October 24 in Dubai after he picked up 15 wickets at an astounding economy rate of 6.73 in the current season.

"Varun's knees are not in the greatest condition. He is in pain and trusts me had it not been in a T20 World Cup, perhaps even Indian team management wouldn't have taken the risk of playing him," a BCCI source privy to the development told PTI on condition of anonymity. 

"To be 100 per cent fit, he might later require an extensive rehab but right now, the focus will be on his pain management during T20 World Cup."

Varun Chakravarthy

The KKR medical staff, as well as the BCCI medical staff, are reportedly monitoring Varun's condition.

"As far as I know, the KKR's support staff has prepared an elaborate strength and conditioning chart for Varun, which is a part of his larger injury management programme. He also is administered pain killer injections so that he can bowl his four overs without much difficulty.

"These are injections, till the time effect remains it helps the pain to subside. You can't see it on TV, he looks in pain when he is not bowling and moving around the field," the senior official said.

In order to avoid aggravating his knees, the 30-year-old has reportedly been advised not to dive while fielding In addition, his range of motion is limited in the side.

"Good captains know how to hide a fielder who otherwise is good with his primary skills -- batting or bowling. You need Varun to bowl his four overs, take the regulation catches that comes his way.

"He is not expected to field like a Jaddu (Ravindra Jadeja) or Virat," a senior player who is aware of the situation concluded.