Ravi Ashwin shuts down fake news in a style


Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, who is stationed in Tamil Nadu, responded to press stories regarding Ashwin's involvement in Virat Kohli resigning as captain during the previous two days. Ashwin reportedly protested to the Indian cricket board over Kohli's leadership, and as a result, Kohli resigned as T20 captain.

IANS, which initially reported on the storey, and the news sites that used quotations from it were both targeted by the spinner's tales on Instagram, which he posted to mock them. As an ironic aside, he joked that IANS had renamed their site from "Fake News" to reflect the nature of the stories' claims.

Ravichandran Ashwin, India's star bowler, has complained to the country's cricket governing body about Virat Kohli's leadership style. Also, at the World Test Championship finals in Southampton, England, Kohli reportedly accused Ashwin of displaying "no purpose." When Kohli benched Ashwin against England, there was speculation that he was upset with Ashwin's captaincy.

Ravichandran Ashwin

So it all began when India's best T20 skipper and Delhi-born player declared that he will stand down after the world cup to focus on domestic cricket. As a team leader for the last 5,6 years in all three forms, the cricketer says he has to give himself some room. His decision, which made headlines across the world, was motivated by a high workload.

A senior player complained to the BCCI over Virat Kohli's leadership, according to a recent report by IANS, Ravichandran Ashwin has been mentioned During the World Test Championship finals against New Zealand, Ashwin allegedly complained to Kohli that he made him feel "insecure" and accused him of "not displaying intent." As soon as the news broke, other websites began using IANS quotations.

Ashwin's followers bombarded him with tweets, pleading for him to respond. Ashwin posted a few of tales on his 3 million+ follower Instagram account as a means of putting an end to all of these negative responses. In his first article, Ravi Ashwin said,“I am searching for the handle called “Fake News”, it used to be Super fun for gossip.” Here's a screenshot:

Ravi Ashwin

“Oh Yaaa !! Thank You guys. Found them : I just heard they have renamed themselves and are now called IANS and some other take quotes from them too. Super fun” to prank the news outlet who broke the storey. Below is the other screenshot:

Ravi Ashwin

For all of his sarcasm and irony on social media, Ashwin made it very clear that he and Virat Kohli are not involved in anything. Internet users have gone crazy over Ashwin's claims about protesting to BCCI over Kohli's batting style. Share your thoughts on Ashwin's response to the rumours!