Namibia Captain offers to play PSL 2022 for free after Kamran Akmal quits

Namibia's captain Gerhard Erasmus and Dutch opener Max O’Dowd have both offered to play in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) after Kamran Akmal was eliminated by Peshawar Zalmi. Akmal decided against playing as he was selected in the PSL 2022 Draft Silver Category.

Kamran had already expressed his concerns in the PSL draft about being downgraded from the diamond category to gold. After being selected in the 5th round of the silver category, he said that he felt humiliated and did not deserve to be selected in such a low category. While Kamran was disappointed to be downgraded to the gold category, he was still hoping to be selected in the first round of the gold selection.

While Kamran Akmal expressed disappointment at being selected in such a low category, there were several players around the world eager to play in Pakistan's premier T20 tournament. Players from associated nations who were minimally known at the highest levels have expressed their desire to play more competitive cricket on numerous occasions.

Namibia's captain Gerhard Erasmus, who led his team to his first T20 World Championship and made it to the Super 12 round, expressed his interest in the tournament on Twitter. Erasmus tweeted, “Pick me. I'll be there for free. "

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In a similar way, the Dutch opener Max O'Dowd, who was the best running hit in the country at the T20 World Cup in 2021, expressed his interest in participating in PSL 7. Max tweeted: “Would you like to swap? I like to play."

The tweets of the two cricketers show the desperation of the players from associated teams to play regular cricket at the highest level as they have minimal opportunities to impress. Players from top international teams are now eligible to play, even if they do not perform as required on the pitch.