India faces New Zealand ahead of the 2022 ICC Women's World Cup


Christchurch [New Zealand], November 12th. The New Zealand Women’s Cricket Team will face India ahead of the ICC Women’s World Cup 2022. For the first time in 22 years, Women in Blue are completing the preparations for the World Cup in New Zealand. At this World Cup, he will play White Ferns in a six-game series consisting of a T20 and five ODIs. ..

The ICC Women's World Cup, which has been postponed by one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be held from March to early April and will feature New Zealand's summer headliners and the eye-catching end of the season. Meanwhile, the reigning test world champion Blackcaps has the opportunity to make history with South Africa. The New Zealand men's cricket team, which did not beat South Africa in the test series either at home or away, will have a chance to face Protea in their first test at the Cerobeisin Reservation from late February to early March. I have. And the second is Hagley Oval.

Due to the black hat in India until the beginning of next month and the need for a controlled quarantine on return, the international summer will not officially begin until the turn of the year and will be tested against Bangladesh in Bay Oval and Hagley Oval. Will be given. All four tests will become part of New Zealand's World Test Championship Defense and all ODIs will retain ICC Super League status through the summer. This determines the automatic qualification for the ICC World Cup 2023.

The highlights of the season include the short foam home and away series between Australia and Kiwi. It consists of three ODIs and T20s that were played across Tasman from late January to early February, and three Transtasman T20s in New Zealand in March. New Zealand's last promise for the summer is the Netherlands, who will be arriving at the end of March for a tour of New Zealand. The Netherlands recently attended the 2014 World Cup qualifier between Kenya and Canada.

The Netherlands will start the tour with the T20 in the Bay Oval before playing the three ODIs. The first tour is at Dunedin's Otago Oval University and the last two at Hamilton's Sedon Park. David White, CEO of NZC, admitted that the summer flight schedule announcement was delayed to avoid given the impact of COVID-19 both in New Zealand and abroad and the impact on international travel. I have declared that I cannot.

"This was not an easy process and we had to make many unexpected changes before we could close the deal," White said in a statement. “Still, I am satisfied with the quantity and quality of international cricket played in the summer, especially given the importance and relevance of these games. The Indian series is an important part of White Ferns. “Preparing for the World Cup” “The four tests are very important for BLACKCAPS to defend the World Test Championship, and as part of the ICC Super League, the six BLACKCAPS ODIs are just as important. I have, ”he added.