ICC and UAE board to investigate the crowd behaviour from the PAK vs AFG match


This week's match between the Pakistani national soccer team and the Afghan national soccer team is now over. A last over gave Pakistan victory, and they went on to win the match.

But Babar Azam triumphed in the toss and elected to bat first. In the t20 World Cup, Babar Azam has had good fortune with the toss. It's because the result of the coin toss determines the outcome of the game to some degree.

Against Pakistan, Afghanistan, on the other hand, had a rough go of it. In addition, Afghanistan's bowlers lost four wickets in the middle of the innings. Afghanistan bowlers were outstanding in Pakistan's t20 World Cup encounter.

Even yet, Mohammad Nabi and Gulbuddin Naib formed an effective team in the game with each other. In the t20 World Cup match, both batsmen scored runs quickly. Afghans scored 147 runs in their twenty overs as a consequence of this mistake.

However, the Pakistani squad got off to a shaky start. As a result, Mohammad Rizwan, who was supposed to be their key opener, was benched early. In the t20 World Cup 2021, Babar Azam, on the other hand, maintained his impressive form. As a captain in t20 cricket, he went on to register his 13th half-century.

Afghanistan lost the t20 encounter, though, as Asif Ali came up with a brilliant bowling performance. The 19th over of the second innings saw four sixes from him against Karim Jannat. With five wickets down and six balls to spare, Pakistan prevailed in their third encounter. The ICC, according to some sources, has demanded that the UAE board conduct an inquiry. Fan behaviour during Afghanistan Pakistan's World Cup t20 match will be the focus of the inquiry.

In addition, some of the supporters acted badly, yelling and shouting incoherently. A recent spike in hostilities between Pakistan and Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover might explain this development. That behaviour should not have carried over to the t20 World Cup match, though.