I will return to the Pakistani team with honor or not: Muhammad Amir


National cricket team fast bowler Mohammad Amir has said he will not be returning to the team until team management contacts him. During the T10 League, Mohammad Aamir held a virtual press conference answering various questions from cricket fans.

During the press conference, a cricket fan asked Mohammad Aamir about his return to the national team. Mohammad Aamir replied that the previous chairman and management of the Pakistan Cricket Board were in contact with me, but the new chairman had not yet contacted me.

"I will not consider withdrawing my decision to resign until the new team management contacts me," said Mohammad Amir. "I want to return to the team with dignity. If management contacts me, I will consider my resignation," he said.

Mohammad Amir added: "I don't want to take back the decision to retire and the team management has said that we don't want to feed you, so I will return to the team with honor, otherwise not." It is worth remembering that Mohammad Amir announced his resignation last year out of frustration with management.

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The fast bowler Mohammad Aamir had hit the management of the Pakistani cricket team and said that he was being mentally tortured. On the other hand, the PCB had described the decision to resign from Aamir as a personal decision and stated that the name Mohammad Amir would not be considered for any future international match.

Mohammad Aamir said that Virat Kohli is the best batsman of the era. He controls the game very well. He didn't find it difficult to bowl, but Australia's Steven Smith is a difficult batsman. Bowling has always been a challenge for Smith.

Bowling at T10 cricket is difficult, according to fast bowler Mohammad Aamir. Making T10 cricket a part of the Olympics will popularize the game. It feels good to play under pressure. I have a weakness after beating Coved 19 but I feel a lot better than before. I