BCCI creates controversy over recommending halal meat to Indian cricketers


Berichten zufolge hat das Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) dem indischen Cricket-Team während ihres Aufenthalts in Kanpur für das erste Testspiel zwischen Indien und Neuseeland „Halal“-Fleisch empfohlen. Die von der BCCI herausgegebene Speisekarte besagt, dass kein Schweine- oder Rindfleisch auf der Speisekarte enthalten sein sollte und die anderen verwendeten Fleischsorten „halal“ sein sollten.

According to sources, this decision was made after consulting with the caregivers and medical team as they recommended the menu based on the dietary needs of Indian cricketers. The menu consisted of only two types of meat, chicken and lamb, while the other items on the menu are all vegetarian.

The BCCI's decision to serve “halal” meat to Indian cricketers was not well received by right-wing nationalists as they asked the BCCI to withdraw its recommendation and change the menu altogether.

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India's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesman and attorney Gaurav Goel went to Twitter and urged the BCCI to reverse its decision. Gaurav uploaded a video to his Twitter account using #BCCI_Promotes_Halal to express his displeasure with BCCI's decision to serve “Halal” meat.

Gaurav said: “The players can eat what they want, but who gave BCCI the right to import 'Halal' meat? This is illegal and we will not allow it. This decision is not correct. It should be withdrawn immediately. "

The first game of the two-game test series between India and New Zealand is scheduled to begin in Kanpur on Thursday. It will be interesting to see if BCCI gives in to pressure from BCCI and undo their decision to serve "Halal" meat to the Indian cricket team.