Virat Kohli Asked For A Break From The West Indies Tour?


Virat Kohli, the former captain of India, has recently struggled with his batting. His amazing ability to score centuries at command once earned him a reputation, but his century drought has now lasted for almost 3 years. Even when he appeared to be in good rhythm, bowlers had found a way to take advantage of the flaws in his otherwise flawless batting technique and return him to the pavilion.

Virat Kohli lost his wicket in the first innings of the recently ended rescheduled Test against England after playing an inside edge against Matty Potts. However, the dismissal was distinct from Kohli's recent struggles while facing out swinging deliveries. Many people have advised that Kohli take a break, and he has even said that occasionally he felt a little overwhelmed by his obligations.

Virat Kohli has deliberately requested a break from the upcoming 5-match T20I series against the West Indies, according to the most recent reports. Furthermore, Kohli has stated that he will be ready for all series following the West Indies tour, making this likely to be his final lengthy "break" from international cricket.

During an IPL 2022 game, Virat Kohli said, “The amount of cricket that I have played, and the ups and downs and the toll that it takes on you to play three formats of the game plus the IPL for 10-11 years non-stop with the seven years of captaincy in between. So to take a break and when to take a break is obviously something that I need to take a call on, but it is only a healthy decision for anyone to take some time off and just rejuvenate yourself mentally and physically.”

It is clear that Virat Kohli will not take part in any aspect of the West Indies tour, which begins on July 22, at all. He had previously taken a break from the ODI leg of the tour, along with numerous other top Indian cricketers like Mohammed Shami, Rishabh Pant, Jasprit Bumrah, and Rohit Sharma. However, due to the T20I hiatus, Kohli may not play in any T20Is till the start of the Asia Cup, which is anticipated to be contested in Sri Lanka in August.

If Virat Kohli skips the West Indies T20Is, it will be intriguing to see what happens. Currently, a number of cricketers are vying with him for a top-order berth in India's T20I team based on their current performance.