I myself don’t know my exact age: Afridi


Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi has been making the headlines quite frequently ever since he has released his autobiography. It was only last week that Pakistani batsman Imran Farhat tweeted he is ashamed of learning Afridi’s offence about the age.

However, Afridi cleared the air by revealing the truth of his actual age in the recently released autobiography.

In the aftermath of criticism over the issue, Shahid Afridi expressed that he has no regrets of talking about his age.

In Game Changer, Shahid Khan Afridi said that he was 19 years old when he perfected the art of making 37-ball century against Sri Lanka in Nairobi in 1996-97, instead of 16 years that had been officially recorded.

In a recent interview with the Pakistani TV channel, Shahid Afridi added that he himself doesn’t have any clarity about his exact age and so he had to mix things up a bit when selectors asked him about his real age and other details. “The reason for my age being messed up in the records is that when I first appeared for the under-14 trials I myself really did not know my exact age.

So, when the selectors asked me about my age and details I said what others told me to do. That age was officially recorded in the cricket board records and thus the misunderstanding,” Afridi said.

“I have no regrets because the record for scoring the fastest one-day hundred was mine since 1996 regardless of what my age was recorded,” he said.

He had also mentioned about his birth place ‘Mardan’ and said how the remote region had no birth registers.

“When my family moved to Karachi, I just knew the date and month of my birth and not the exact year that is why my age was erroneously recorded in the under-14 trials,” Shahid Afridi added in a statement.

He then made it very clear that he had mentioned the year of his birth as ‘1977’ instead of 1975 as a mistake was made by the publishers and copy editors.

“It was a mistake by the publishers and copy editors. In the second edition of the book, the correction has been made,” he said.